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Q: How do I sign-up for stage-time in the spotlight at The Comedy Zone Charlotte on Tuesday nights?
A: E-mail Debbie at Charlotte@CrowdPlay.Events.  Please mention that you’re inquiring about Charlotte, NC since we operate in multiple cities.  Mention which shows you feel are a good match for you.

Q: How can I audition?
A: There is no need to send us your tape and there is no specific audition date.  Rather, treat every time that you’re on stage like it’s your audition, because in a way it is — you just never know who will be in the audience watching.

Q: How do I book a longer set?
A: All comics start with 3 or 5 minute sets.  Once you’ve repeatedly demonstrated that you can make the audience cry with laughter, you will be approached to perform longer sets or even emcee CrowdPlay.Events.

Q: What is the show rating?  Can I curse?
A: We fervently believe in your right to free speech; you are not censored, so there is neither language nor content restrictions.  There are a few important HOWEVERS to consider though.  First, we frequently have industry professionals in our audience who are specifically scouting for cleaner acts.  Second, we have a very diverse crowd on Tuesday nights – the current acts resonating best with the overall crowd all happen to be cleaner acts.  General rule of thumb, be way funnier than you are offensive.

Q: Can I tape my set?
A: We insist, go for it!  Or, on many nights we have a videographer on site who will gladly prepare your set for YouTube for just $10 (great deal).  However you get your set taped, watching your performance is one of the most critical parts of growing in your craft. Perform, Tape, Watch, Grow, Tweak, Repeat.

Q: After the show will I get feedback?
A: Maybe.  Occasionally, performance notes will be given by the producers.  However, after every show, the comedians head upstairs to the bar for a round of drinks.  This is a great way to network with your fellow performers, some of whom are going to have a great line or performance note to give you.

Q: Should I perform same set every show?
A: There are many new audience members every show who have never heard your material before, so don’t feel the need to write a new set every time.   However, to grow in your craft, you need to pepper in new material. A common technique is to try new material in between two other jokes that you know for a fact will get laughs.  Be sure to read the answer to the next question.

Q: Can I get on stage every Tuesday night at The Comedy Zone Charlotte?
A: That would be awesome!  But sadly, no.  Every year, 300 talents contact us for stage-time.  It’s just not mathematically possible to get everyone on stage every week.  Plus, we do ask that you keep a 10-to-1 ratio of non-Comedy Zone performances to Comedy Zone performances.  Said a different way, I’d like for you to open mic your new material on 10 other stages before you bring your new material to The Comedy Zone stage.  It’s The Comedy Zone – the largest chain of clubs in the country – it’s best that you make your mistakes elsewhere, but bring your best to our stage!!

Q: I just performed my first set; will The Comedy Zone Worldwide discover me for paid work?
A: Short answer is: 0% chance.
A: Long answer is: it’s a process.  A process that will likely take years of repeated performances to achieve and you should chat with Debbie for additional coaching on the subject.  This does not happen overnight and we’re really trying to attract talents that can hang in there for the long haul.
A: In general, delight every audience in front of you and additional opportunities will present themselves.

Q: I’m an out-of-town comedian; will performing in Charlotte get me paid work chain-wide with The Comedy Zone Worldwide?
A: Short answer is: nope.
A: Long answer is: the chances that the right people are looking at the stage when you happen to be performing  is like 1.23%.  It could happen, but in my experience it’s the guys performing in that room for 2+ years who are getting the opportunities.  Typically, your peer comics have to accept you and start talking positive about you before the powers that be take notice.
A: The Charlotte room is really a beauty; please do make the trip to check it out.  For a one-night experience, it can’t be beat.

Q: I’m competing in Fight Night or March Mania, should I get upset if I lose?
A: Um, get excited if you WIN!  We like winning.  But if you’re competing for the sake of winning, then you’ve already kinda lost.  The secret is that all of our Tuesday night shows are really open mic nights for rising talent.  There’s a lot of gimmicks, pomp-and-circumstance and over-the-top stage production to make the shows wildly entertaining for our audiences and to cover-up the fact that these are really open mic nights.  If you’re in a competition, sure you might win a cash prize and peer respect, but you should really be entering for the right reasons, including: having a large crowd to perform to, being part of a show with great production value, and taking the stage in a premiere comedy club (the list goes on, but I’m a student of comedy believing in the rule of threes).

Have additional questions?  E-mail Debbie at Charlotte@CrowdPlay.Events and be sure to mention that you’re inquiring about the Charlotte showroom since we operate in multiple cities.