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Flavor Flav’s “Freaky Comedy Tour”

Join Flavor Flav and a group of some of the funniest comedians you'll ever see at "The Comedy Zone" Flavor Flav (born William Jonathan Drayton Jr.) was a founding member of the seminal '80s political rap group Public Enemy. He is considered to be one of the first 'hype men' in hip hop and became famous for his flair on stage; accessorizing with a large clock around his neck and dropping his famous catchphrases. Flav is is best known for his contributions to classic Public Enemy songs like "911 Is a Joke" and "Cold Lampin’ With Flav." 

In recent years, Flavor Flav has become known to a whole new generation of fans as a ubiquitous reality TV star. From his first appearance on VH1’s "The Surreal Life," Flavor Flav has spawned four more reality shows since: "Strange Love," "Flavor of Love," "I Love New York" and "Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School," plus his recent foray into the sitcom genre, " Under One Roof." It is this long, strange, varied career that was celebrated with verve and glee back in August 2007 — and you can relive all the pain, props and putdowns right here again and again. 


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